SP Handbook – Policies and Statements

Introduction to Ogram: Welcome to Ogram! Ogram is a platform that allows clients to book service providers (SP) for jobs, as well as allows service providers to get work. We are revolutionizing the gig economy and the future of the workforce.

It gives you (SP or Ogrammer) the freedom to be in control of your schedule and income

Jobs include F&B, Retail, Sales, Administration, Driving, Warehousing & logistics, and growing. We are organically growing into different services.

We will be launching our APP this year where you will create an account. This will make your lives much easier where you can control your schedule, approve or reject jobs, and monitor and request to withdraw your income. We will update you soon on when to download the APP to create your account. The most important thing to note on the APP is that you must constantly update your calendars.

Registration steps:

  • It is completely free of charge to use the service

  • Please make sure no one has charged you a referral fee to use our services. If you have been charged, please immediately inform a member of the Ogram team or email registration@ogram.ae

  • SPs that are caught conducting such activities are committing an offence of our Introduction Fee Policy, and will be penalized and agreement terminated.

How to work with Ogram:

  • You will be added to a WhatsApp Group.

  • Jobs will be posted on the group – please keep monitoring.

  • If you would like to take up the job, reply to the specific job post and only type and send “Available” – and nothing else. SP’s that write anything else might be removed from the group.

  • We might also ask you to send your CV or personal documents, to send to the client for further vetting, if required by the client. If so, please follow the instructions where you send necessary information to the given WhatsApp number or email.

  • If you are selected for a job (Clients will normally select you), then you will be assigned to another group. You will know when you are selected once you find yourself on the group of the specific job.

  • Once you are on the new group, the details of the job will be published on the group. Please pay attention to the days, timings, dress code, hygiene, request for identification documents, and any specific instructions. It is imperative that you adhere to these instructions otherwise it will result in penalizations.

  • To every job, you must take along with you a printed attendance sheet. You must show this to the client to fill in and approve your attendance. This is an example of an attendance sheet and what you need to do:

  • At the end of the job you must ensure that the attendance sheet is dually signed by you and the client, and that the hours inserted are correct. Remember: you will be paid based on the attendance sheet and cannot dispute anything not in line with this.

  • You must submit the attendance sheet right after the event directly on the Job Group. Failure to send the attendance sheet on time, can result in non-payment, as we will be invoicing the client right after the event.

  • Once you have successfully completed jobs, and have submitted your attendance sheets accurately to Ogram during the appropriate time, your income will be recorded.

How to get paid with Ogram / Payment Policy:

  • You will be paid by either bank transfer or cheque in your name during our payment cycle. You must collect your own cheque and no one else. We will soon only be transferring your income through bank transfer or UAE Exchange.

  • The payment will be based on a total of all your jobs completed and attendance accurately recorded in the previous months. For example: you will be paid for all your jobs in January, during our payment cycle in February.

  • Our current payment cycle is between the 20th and 25th of every month. This will change very shortly as our aim is to pay you more frequently, and weekly down the line!

  • Your payment will be linked to receiving the payment from the client. Therefore, if the client has not paid us, you will not get paid. In the short future, we will be working to get payments from our client after every event, in which we will be paying you right after as well. We will update you on this, so stay tuned.

  • If you have any disputes on your income earned, you must send an email with those details to finance@ogram.ae. They will revert to you on the resolution.

  • If you do not collect your payment within 6 months from date of payment issued, then this will be re-claimed by the Company and your payment will be nullified – Therefore, please ensure to collect your payment within this period.

Things to note:

  • Attendance sheets must be dually signed and sent on time, otherwise payment will not be made.

  • Adhering to instructions such as correct uniform, hygiene, holding your original ID’s with you for the job. Failure to do so will also result with withheld or non-payment.

  • No shows will not be tolerated, and will result with withheld or non-payment for the entire job including the jobs successfully completed. No shows occur when you do not send any form of notice that you will not be able to attend a job.

  • If for any reason you cannot attend a job, you must provide a 24-hour notice to the assigned coordinator or simply mention this in the group. If you provide a late notice or no notice at all, this will automatically result with a withheld or non-payment.

  • If you are sick or ill, and provide notice with a valid doctor note from a clinic or hospital, the cancelation fees and penalties will not apply to you.

  • Once you accept a job, make sure you are 100% confirmed and able to attend to the job.

  • By accepting a job, you are automatically bound by the rates and special instructions of the job.

  • You must always maintain professionalism and a positive attitude. You will be rated by the client based on your Professionalism, Punctuality, Performance, Presentation, and Personality. Therefore, make sure that you hold yourself highly in this regard at all times.

  • Caught cheating, stealing, fighting, arguing, molesting, foul language, unsolicited sexual advances, negative or complacent attitude caught by the client or ourselves, that comes to our knowledge will result with a withheld or non-payment, and reporting to government authorities.

  • Bullying and harassment of other SP’s, Client members, Staff or any internal or third party is a serious offence, and will result in termination, non-payment, as well as reporting to government authorities.

Penalties: Please pay great attention to our penalties below:



24hrs prior to Job start
within 24 hours before Job start
During Job

Client Cancellation

Full refund to Client and no payment to SP
25% charge only and 20% to SP
No refund

SP Cancellation

Full refund to Client and no payment to SP
Full refund to Client and no payment to SP
Pro-rated refund to client

*Refund also means the client will only be charged for the hours utilized

Welcome to the growing Ogram family and the world of gig work! Enjoy the freedom of being in control of your own schedule and income!

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