Congratulations you have been assigned to a Job!

At Ogram, we provide a platform where we connect you to take part-time jobs and gigs with our clients! Join us in revolutionizing the gig economy and the future of the workforce!

How to work with us?

  1. Carry your attendance sheets to the job assigned. Make sure to fill in the right details and obtain the signature of the client at the end of the job. Failure to send the attendance sheet on time can result in non-payment, as we will be invoicing the client right after the event.

  2. Once you accept a job, make sure you are 100% able to attend the job. By accepting a job, you are automatically bound by the rates and special instructions of the job. Please ensure that you only take instructions from the contact person in charge, on-site to avoid any mishaps on the job. You will be notified of the details of the contact person on the job group.

  3. After successfully completing the event on time and ensuring that you meet with the requirements of the client, along with sending the attendance sheet on time to the relevant group, you will now be rewarded with your payment during our payment cycle between the 20-25th of the forthcoming month.


1. Attendance Sheets

Submitting Attendance sheets are the first step to validate your job. Make sure to submit the attendance sheet on time to the relevant job group. Failure to do so can result in nonpayment as we will be invoicing the client after the event. Once you have successfully completed jobs and have submitted your attendance sheets accurately to Ogram during the appropriate time, your income will be recorded.

2. Step Process

  • Print out the attendance sheet and carry it with you to the event.

  • Obtain a signature from the client or person in charge on-site to validate your work. understand.

  • Post the attendance sheet on the job group

Accepting a job and the T&Cs that come with it

Once you are booked for a job ensure that you are 100% available for it and can attend it. No shows will not be tolerated and will result in withheld or non-payment for the entire job including the jobs successfully completed. If for whatever reason you cannot attend a job you must provide a 24-hour notice to the coordinator or simply mention it on the group.

Maintain the right attitude

You must always maintain professionalism and a positive attitude. You will be rated by the client based on your Professionalism, Punctuality, Performance, Presentation, an Personality. Therefore, make sure that you always hold yourself highly in this regard. Caught cheating, stealing, fighting, arguing, molesting, foul language, unsolicited sexual advances, negative or complacent attitude caught by the client or ourselves, that comes to our knowledge will result with a withheld or non-payment.

Payment Procedure

  1. Email your bank details to

  2. Receive your payment during our payment cycle between the 20-25th of the proceeding month.

  3. If you have any disputes on your income earned, please send an email with those details to They will revert back within 24 hours.

How to get paid with Ogram?

You will be paid by a bank transfer into your account during our payment cycle. If you do not have one, please download LIV (ENBD) or Hayak (ADCB) on your App store, it's as easy as just providing your EID. Please send across your bank details to Your payment will be linked to receiving the payment from the client. Therefore, if the client has not paid us, you will not get paid.

If you are facing any issues, please reach out to or call (+971)55 2811 411

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