How to get paid with Ogram / Payment Policy:

  • You will be paid by either bank transfer or cheque in your name during our payment cycle. You must collect your own cheque and no one else. We will soon only be transferring your income through bank transfer or UAE Exchange.

  • The payment will be based on a total of all your jobs completed and attendance accurately recorded in the previous months. For example: you will be paid for all your jobs in January, during our payment cycle in February.

  • Our current payment cycle is between the 20th and 25th of every month. This will change very shortly as our aim is to pay you more frequently, and weekly down the line!

  • Your payment will be linked to receiving the payment from the client. Therefore, if the client has not paid us, you will not get paid. In the short future, we will be working to get payments from our client after every event, in which we will be paying you right after as well. We will update you on this, so stay tuned.

  • If you have any disputes on your income earned, you must send an email with those details to They will revert to you on the resolution.

  • If you do not collect your payment within 6 months from date of payment issued, then this will be re-claimed by the Company and your payment will be nullified – Therefore, please ensure to collect your payment within this period.

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