Work Flow Process of a job

Pre-event Commencement

  • All clients need to sign our SLA contract before any job commencement.

  • Payment Terms need to be agreed before-hand (See payment schedule)

  • Finance need to give the final approval before any job commencement. We encourage a member of finance understand the payment process of large corporations.

  • Finance team will create a quote and/or invoice and record a log of the rates (SP and client rates)

During the job

Data Entry Specialist and the Project Executive will be recording all attendance sheets of the services completed by each service provider (i.e. hrs, designations, days worked) for each client

  • Data Entry Specialist will accurately input the

  • data in our accounting software as ‘Purchase Orders’ (see inputting Recording Jobs Completed).

Recording Jobs Completed

  • A spreadsheet needs to be maintained that records all attendance sheets submitted (all sheets need to be submitted the day the job is completed – all late sheets could result in late or non-payment).

Please see example below:

  • All penalties and violations of our terms and conditions stipulated in the SP SLA needs to be recorded and properly communicated and reflected to the service providers. These deductions need to be reflected into our accounting system as well.

After Job is Completed

  • Upon receipt of all attendance sheets, finance needs to send all invoices including all attendance sheets and spreadsheets to the client no later than 5 days after month end or job completion.

  • Finance department needs to send the standard email and ask for acknowledgment or confirmation of the invoice. Discrepancies need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Cancellation charges to client

  • In the event the client cancels the job within 24 hours before the job commencement time, we will need to apply a 25% charge to client and pay the service provider 20% of the SP rate for booking his time.

Payment Schedule

  • We aim to shorten the payment schedule for all clients in order to shorten the payment cycle for the service providers. We will be using the below schedule per client & order type

  • Orders < AED 5,000 will require 100% payment upfront

  • Orders: 5,001 – 9,999 will require security deposit/check and 5 day payment terms. Security checks will only be deposited upon default of payment from client

  • Orders >AED 10,000: Will require 50% upfront and PDC checks

  • Large clients will bypass the schedule above but will be required to provide us with an LPO before job commencements.

Client Receivables

  • 2-3 days prior: Email needs to be sent to client 2-3 days before due date of the payment.

  • Due Date: Email or call needs to be followed on the day of the due date

  • 5 days after due date: Reminder follow up 5 days after due date with the warning that service can and will be cut 10 days after the due date.

  • 10 days after due date: Final warning that service (if any) will be temporarily suspended in 24 hours on the 10th day of late payment.

  • 12 days after due date: Email notification that the security cheque will be used thereafter.

Reimbursements to clients

  • If payment has been received from the client prior to job, and request is cut short because of SP’s fault then re-imbursement is due to the client and we will transfer the money back to the client within 5 days of notification.

  • If payment has been received from the client prior to job, and request is cut short because of the request of the client 24 hours before the service starts/continues then we will issue a credit note.

  • Credit notes: can be used up to 3 months of issuance. This needs to be stipulated on the CN sent to the client.

Payment cycle to the service providers

  • All payments will be done based on the attendance sheets solely, and will not rely on any other methods. Lost, stolen, or late attendance sheets will not be accepted.

  • All attendance sheets need to be sent to the group immediately after job has been completed.

  • Final reminder: finance to send a final reminder at the end of the month to ongoing jobs that late attendance sheets will result in non-payment.

  • Important: All service providers must be properly registered before any job commencement. This will be monitored and verified by the operations team.

  • Service providers will be paid on the 25th of the following month of the job completion.

  • All payments will be done via wire transfer. Any SP without a bank account will need to sign and send an authorization letter giving us permission to pay someone else (relative) on their behalf and bears no responsibility.

Data entry into Accounting System

  • All invoices need to go through the process of Quote: Draft – Sent – Declined/Accepted – Invoiced (please be sure to copy to Invoice).

  • Please make sure that all invoices incorporate the following:

  • Job Designation/No. of Staff/Days/Location/LPO #/specific event (if applicable).-

  • All Invoices must have a job name that reflects the client and month of the job.

  • All bills need to go through the process of Purchase Orders: Draft – Awaiting Approval – Approved – Billed (please be sure to copy to Bills to pay)

  • All Purchase Orders need to be copied to bills and matched with the client that has been serviced.

  • All POs must attach the attendance sheets for record and need to be approved by the senior accountant.

  • Please make sure that all bills incorporate the following:

  • SP name/ref (client & event)/Date or days/month of job completion

  • All job names need to match the client that has been serviced.

Payment Process

  • Senior Accountant will be responsible for closing the books maximum 10 days after the month end.

  • Senior Accountant will be responsible for uploading all relevant documents on drobox, monitoring the cash flow spreadsheet (& others), paying salaries, building relationship with bank manager, and follow all JDs set and agreed before-hand.

  • Deadlines

  • 10th of the month: provide a sales/cost reporting that matches and is adjusted correctly

  • 5th of the month: Job reports

  • 10th of the month: Updated SP spreadsheet for initiation of the payment process.

i- We are currently working on improving this payment cycle to the service providers.

ii- We aim to migrate all service providers to have their own bank account only. We continuously seeking means of improving this via e-wallets or key partnerships with other companies to facilitate the process.

iii- Deadlines are subject to change post the migration to online.

If you have any concerns, please email

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