• The Service Provider will bring a printed Attendance Sheet to the Job. The Client and Service Provider are required to record and sign the attendance sheet at the end of the Job.
  • The Service Provider must send a copy of the duly signed Attendance sheet to the Job WhatsApp Group at the end of every Job for proper recording and to ensure timely payments - late submissions could result in non-payment.
  • All Attendance sheets must be filled out properly and in a readable manner: it must include the job event, date, job designation, name as per their EID, check in & out times, and must be duly signed by the service providers and client. Failure to do so could result in non-acceptance.
  • Service providers need to safeguard and keep their attendance sheets handy at all times, any lost, damaged, stolen sheets will not be accepted.
  • The Client will receive soft copies of the Attendance Sheets by email along with the Order Invoice.

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