How to start working with Ogram?

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Hello Fellow Ogrammer, 

Clients will create jobs directly on the platform. You will receive a notification through the Ogram app with all the job details whenever your experience matches the clients’ requirements.


Getting a job:

  • Download the Ogram app, and ensure it is always updated (Check for updates in the App Store or Google Play Store)

  • There are two ways to apply for a job; 

    • 1. Accept and Go

      •  Depending on the client's preference, you will be directly assigned to a job. You will need to proceed to the job once you have the schedule assigned through Ogram app

    • 2. Apply and Interview

      • Your profile will be reviewed before the client accepts your application. Once the client schedules you to interview, proceed to interview. Do not start the job until you are assigned a schedule on your Ogram app

  • Before accepting any job, ensure that you’re completely available to attend the scheduled shifts or interviews

  • Review the rates before accepting the job

  • Review and abide by all the requirements, job description & arrange the mentioned dress code

  • Review the job’s location and plan your journey beforehand


Accepting the job:

  • If it’s an Accept and Go job, you will have to show up at the location by the scheduled check-in date/time

  • If it’s an Apply and Interview job, proceed to the interview location by the scheduled date/time. After the interview, and if you were chosen by the client, you will be assigned a job, notified through the app, and you will need to proceed to the scheduled job

  • Ensure that you have internet connectivity 


Attending the job:

  • Check into your shift only once you have reached the location and at the correct scheduled start time

  • Once you have completed your shift, your payment will be recorded based on the actual hours attended. For example, if you have attended 9 hours out of a 10 hour scheduled job, you will be paid based on the 9 hours

  • Please ensure that you only take instructions from the contact person in charge, to avoid any mishaps on the job


Completing the Job:

  • Check out after you have completed your shift, using the Ogram app

  • If you have any issues faced, inform your line manager immediately

  • Make sure you return any belongings provided to you by the client

Receive your payment:


Payment Mode

All payments are done via wire transfers and you can choose one of the follows: 


  • Your UAE bank account

  • One of Ogram’s third-party vendors (Associated costs will apply)


Payment Terms


Our current payment cycle is the end of every month. So for example, all shifts completed in the month of January will be paid in the first week of February. We are actively working on decreasing this timeline and will share exciting updates along the way!


Receive Support/Let us answer your questions:


Things to note:

  • Once you accept a job, make sure you are 100% confirmed and able to attend to the job.

  • By accepting a job, you are automatically bound by the rates and special instructions of the job.

  • You must always maintain professionalism and a positive attitude. You will be rated by the client based on your Professionalism, Punctuality, Performance, Presentation, and Personality. Therefore, make sure that you hold yourself highly in this regard at all times.

  • Adhering to instructions such as correct uniform, hygiene, holding your original ID’s with you for the job. Failure to do so will also result with withheld or non-payment.

  • No shows will not be tolerated, and will result with withheld or non-payment for the entire job including the jobs successfully completed. No shows occur when you do not send any form of notice that you will not be able to attend a job.

  • If for any reason you cannot attend a job, you must remove yourself from the assigned job, in the Ogram app, no less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time. Failure to do so within the required timeframe will automatically result with a withheld or non-payment of salary.

  • Caught cheating, stealing, fighting, arguing, molesting, foul language, unsolicited sexual advances, negative or complacent attitude caught by the client or ourselves, that comes to our knowledge will result with a withheld or non-payment, and reporting to government authorities.

  • Bullying and harassment of other SP’s, Client members, Staff or any internal or third party is a serious offence, and will result in termination, non-payment, as well as reporting to government authorities.

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